Why It’s Important

With Alberta’s super wealth, we should have the best public services in the world. We can have a diverse sustainable economy, job stability, and well-funded services and infrastructure. But after 44 years of Conservative government, look what’s happened to the ‘Alberta Advantage.’ We can do better!

What are the issues?

Healthcare Privatization = More Expensive & Less Accessible Services

Albertans deserve a publicly funded health care system that focuses on patients, not profits.

Royalties… Are We Being Cheated?

A return to Lougheed era royalty rates would wipe out provincial debts and provide funds to invest in our future.

Deregulated Utilities = Consumers Being Gouged

It makes no sense that Albertans have higher utilities costs than Canadians in poorer provinces.

Social Programs Diminishing

Shrinking public dollars for communities – affordable housing, recreation, mental health, people with disabilities, Aboriginal communities, newcomers – hurts everyone.

Education Squeezed

Lack of stable funding means fewer teachers and larger classes for K-12. Students needing extra help and special needs students are especially poorly served by an underfunded system. Meanwhile, post-secondary fees rise along with student debt while the quality of education the students receive falls as provincial government revenues decline.

Seniors Deserve Better

Elderly Albertans deserve affordable, publicly funded and publicly provided home care and long-term care.

Environmental Regulations with No Teeth

What is the government protecting? Corporate profits or our environment?

Vote splitting. It really hurts.

In the last three elections, the combined progressive vote in many constituencies won by the Tories exceeded the Tory vote. The progressive vote would no doubt have been larger in many seats if many voters did not believe that voting was pointless because the Tories were guaranteed to win the election. Few Alberta voters can remember a provincial election which the Tories did not win. Strategic votes prevent vote-splitting among good candidates and we can still support our favourite parties in other constituencies by volunteering and donating. As reporter Don Braid of the Calgary Herald says, “Tories are chuckling… Vote-splitting on the centre-left has kept them in office for nearly 44 years!”

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