Change Alberta, as a non-partisan organization, analyzes objectively which progressive candidate in each constituency has the best chance of being elected. We ask progressive voters to elect a strong centre-left opposition by voting strategically for the candidates whom we are recommending. In the last election, out of 42 targeted constituencies, we recommended correctly who was the leading progressive candidate in 39 (93%).

How are leading candidates chosen?

Volunteer researchers, making use of the criteria listed in the right-hand column, report findings to our Decision Desk throughout the campaign.. Except for centre/left incumbents, our recommendations are preliminary until one week before the election. In consultation with our Advisory Council, the Decision Desk will be publishing final recommendations on this site the day before the election. Watch for it and spread the word!

Criteria for choosing the most winnable progressive candidate:

  • Name recognition with the public and media
  • Evidence of the extent and strength of candidates’ campaigns
  • Whether and for how long candidates have been door-knocking in their constituencies
  • Number of people clearly working on campaigns
  • Evidence of the extent to which candidates have participated in public meetings and events and/or media forums in targeted constituencies
  • Visibility in the community and media, prior to and during the election campaign
  • Past voting history of constituencies
  • Public poll results (if available)

Find your winnable progressive candidate

Click your constituency to find out how the campaigns of progressive parties are faring in your area. There will be little or no information as the campaign opens but gradually more information will appear, at least in constituencies that we think are winnable by a progressive party’s candidate. We are focusing on those key constituencies (emphasized in black) where past voting results — 2012, 2008, or before — have shown significant support for progressive parties. However, we welcome your updates regarding all constituencies and candidates on our Change Alberta blog website. Please post them under “Constituencies – Have your say!” Thank you.

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