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Find out how blocked drains Calgary experts will unblock and help remove any stinky smell on the same day without charging you a fortune!

Clear Blocked Drain Calgary

  • Same Day Service Calgary wide
  • No Extra Charge – Saturday & Sunday
  • Upfront, Fixed & Honest Prices
  • Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
  • Book Online and Get 10% OFF Today!
  • Have you tried nearly everything; drain plungers, chemical cleaners and domestic remedies but still the drain is blocked?
  • Is your bathing bliss bitterly cut short as you look down to find you are ankle deep in dirty drain water? Or your outside drain is overflowing and has flooded the garden?
  • Is your drain very smelly, disgusting and getting worse by the minute?

Let our blocked drains Calgary experts at Mr. Mike’s Plumbing unblock the drain using the latest equipment to bring back sanity into your life. Here is how we clear your clogged drain. Remember, we unblock your drain the same day!

CCTV Camera Inspection

More often than not, clear blocked drains Calgary require high pressure jet blaster. Once the stubborn blockages are unblocked we conduct CCTV camera drain survey to quickly pinpoint the exact location and cause of the clog. CCTV inspection is an affordable and the quickest way to assess the cause of persistent blockages.

High Pressure Jetting

Our high pressure water jetting equipment & skills clear blocked drains Calgary rapidly. The jetting hose can navigate around bends, travel up and down pipes and apply more pressure on the blockage to clear it. Our high-tech jet blasters unclog drains that are clogged with tissue papers, grease, fat, grime, hairs, tree roots and basically anything.

Chemical Drain Cleaning

All of our blocked drain specialist vehicles carry drain cleaning chemicals that are only available to licensed plumbers. Our plumbers also use VAPOROOTER & ROOTX , two of the most well-known chemical treatments in Canada to kill and stop tree roots from growing again while being totally safe for kids, animals and plants when used correctly.

Electric Eel

We also use electric eels, commonly known as drain snake or electric auger mainly to cut and remove larger tree roots. The electric eel could reach up to 60 meters in length and is highly effective to cut out an excessive build-up of roots from the internal diameter of the pipe.

5 Reasons Why Our Blocked Drain Calgary Services Deliver a Memorable Experience!

1) Clearing Blocked Drains Same Day!

We are a 24 hours 7 days a week service. Our emergency clearing blocked drain Calgary experts are always on call round-the-clock — day and night, weekends and holidays. They will reach the site fully equipped within the hour of your call anywhere in the Calgary metro area and advise you the best course of action to limit property damage while on their way. Emergency or not, we reach your property within the hour of your request in Calgary metro area.

2) Local Blocked Drain Calgary Plumbers – Arrive On Time & Have Local Building Codes & Structure Knowledge

We always dispatch a plumber who is trained and knows the Canadian standards inside out to offer fast and permanent drain clearing solutions. Our state of the art GPS based fleet management system ensures the plumbers are never too far away from their local areas and therefore guaranteeing on-time arrivals everytime.

3) Licensed & Certified Blocked Drain Calgary Company – Guaranteed Drain Repair

All of our plumbers are licensed and insured so you feel secured to have them at your property even in the middle of the night. All of our plumbers are required to complete work in compliance with Canadian mandated proceduresguaranteeing you top quality service.

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