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In Oakville, ON, many restaurants have managed to push the gastronomy “du marché” to the highest rank. By cons, menus inspired by classic French cuisine are redundant. Where to go when we want to eat a different meal? The city is boasting of culinary multiculturalism. It is a treasure and I often tell myself that I should explore more, that I should enjoy what the best of the city. Oakville ON latest restaurant VINO is a luxurious establishment that serves the best of EUROPEAN cuisine. This week, here is a 100% Hellenic gastronomic discovery!

VINO is a spacious restaurant of an impressive scale. The room with large windows, tables with immaculate tablecloths and chic benches made of brown leather: a luxurious setting that combines comfort and good taste. My friend and I could not resist to the table of the corner bench for a one-on-one romantic night, with the soothing sound of a traditional music.

We savored some great meals and drank only wine imported privately. To start, a glass of Assyrtico for the appetitive that let himself drink as if we were on a Mediterranean island. A dish of hortopites, this feuilleté with leeks, spinach and feta; mini giros of filet mignon and cherry tomatoes; the soutzoukakias, veal meatballs in cumin flavored tomato sauce: there is nothing better to share. To accompany these entries, a glass of Chardonnay from the Domaine Katsaros and a glass of Grenache, Syrah and Merlot of the Domaine Gerovassiliou from the Epanomi region formed a perfect wine pairing. We continued with a portion of melting feta cheese remarkably seasoned with cayenne pepper and oregano. A typical and simple delight. As a main course, the sirloin of beef from the farm Creekstone was served with cole slaw and blue cheese, extremely delicious fries and a crisp green salad mixed with a divine honey and extra-virgin olive oil vinaigrette. A jubilant main course. For dessert, the baklava and a dessert that combine puff pastry, candied quince and ice kaimaki made a great conclusion to our meal. Paired with the Mavrodaphne, a dessert wine that is also a sweet discovery! Anthony, our waiter was particularly attentive and lively.

Vino Oakville Restaurant is open weekdays for lunch and daily from 11:30 AM.

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