Change Alberta is a grassroots campaign organization dedicated to assisting progressive voters who want their votes in the May 5, 2015 provincial election to help elect a progressive government. Sponsored by the Alberta Democratic Renewal Project, which had tried and failed to get the progressive parties to cooperate to unseat the ancient Conservative government of the province, this is the second election in which Change Alberta is taking a stand for progressive Albertans. Our membership includes individuals who belong to each of the four centre-left political parties as well as non-partisan progressives. Our common goal is to elect as many progressives as possible in 2015 through strategic voting. The first-past-the-post voting system necessitates strategic voting when there is more than one progressive party in a province where Conservative voters, though rarely a majority, get to elect huge majorities because progressive votes are split among several parties. In 2012, Change Alberta correctly identified the leading progressive candidate in 39 of 42 winnable constituencies, a success rate of 93 percent. If we pool our votes, we can oust the Tories or at least confront them with a huge progressive opposition as opposed to a small group of opposition politicians whom they can safely ignore.

  Find your winnable progressive candidate

Find out which progressive candidate has the leading edge in your constituency. The recommendation can change as the election unfolds, so stay tuned. Sign up for our email notifications to stay informed on the recommendations.

  Spread the word

Help spread the word about strategic voting through social media and word-of-mouth. Display proudly your choice using our downloadable visual materials, such as lawn signs, bumper stickers, factsheets, posters and more.

  Support your winnable candidate

Support your winnable progressive candidate by volunteering your time and/or resources to support their campaign.


Make your vote count. Vote strategically.

In the 2008 Alberta election, vote splitting prevented progressive candidates from defeating Conservatives in 12 constituencies. Even in “safe” Tory seats, your progressive vote sends a message.

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